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Hello my Excellent friend

Excellent News 2016/2017 in review
Thanks to all that enabled 955 sand dams and over 880,000 people to have safe water!

By the end of March 2017, your support had helped to enable 955 sand dams to be built in water-scarce places, creating opportunity and hope for over 888,000 people. We hope our Annual Report illustrates the impact of your investment in Excellent’s projects and we are thankful to all of our supporters that make this work possible. Read the full report to find out more
Northern Rangelands appeal
Transform thousands more lives with sand dams

Right now, millions of men, women and children living in Kenya are in the grip of a long and devastating drought, resulting in livestock deaths, and a loss of food, income and dignity. A recent report even revealed that many families in Turkana County, Northern Kenya, were forced to go the entire day without eating. Communities in the Northern Rangelands, Kenya, need your support to build four sand dams and provide clean water for their families. Please consider making a donation today to enable these communities to extend the network of sand dams in the Northern Rangelands, providing their families, neighbours and livestock with clean water for life.
Excellent News Dear Diary - Day Two
Rallying the community to build sand dams in Mozambique

“Building sand dams is hard work, but it’s a sustainable solution to water scarcity” reports Christopher Purnell (Excellent’s Programmes Officer) reporting from day two of working with communities in Mozambique to build sand dams. Read
Excellent News A note from our Chairman
“It’s the human stories behind the numbers that inspire me most” – David Jordan OBE 

Thanks to a nearby sand dam, Pauline (pictured) was saved from the burden of having to fetch water for long hours, enabling her to get an education and dream job. She is just of one of the close to 900,000 people benefiting from sand dams, and one of the many who has inspired Excellent’s Chairman, David Jordan, who states: “When I meet and talk to the women, men and children who are benefiting from our work, I can see how the work of Excellent is changing their lives for the better.” Read Pauline’s full story and David’s reflection of 2016/2017 here.