Last things

This is the last of 432 blogs. Tomorrow I retire, and there will be no more entries on the blog.

So my thanks to all who have read the entries over the last eight-or-so years; I hope they have kept alive some sense of God in you.


One final thought; when I was ordained I wanted to put at the service of God such small talent as I have with words, and the blog was a major part of this. It surprised me that anyone would read it, so I’ve been amazed to hear from folk in Australia and the US, Scotland and nearer to home, who have made kind comments about it. So the message is this, and it’s one which is repeated time and again in Scripture, and we find it on the lips of Jesus; put yourself in the service of God, and be surprised how it will turn out- for good.


May you find, in the words of the 4th century Saint Damasus, “Hope, Life, Way, Salvation, Understanding, Wisdom, Light, Judge, Door, Most High, King, Precious Stone, Prophet, Priest, Messiah, Sabaoth, Teacher, Spouse, Mediator, Sceptre, Dove, Hand, Stone, Son and Emmanuel, Vineyard, Shepherd, Sheep, Peace, Root, Vine-stock, Olive Tree, Source, Wall, Lamb, Victim, Lion, Intercessor, Word, Man, Net, Rock, House: Christ Jesus is everything!”


God go with you.

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